Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Woolly therapy...

This poor woman looks just how I feel this week! Zoned out.

I count my blessings and feel grateful for everything I have but sometimes I just want to 'escape'. My mind wanders back to the time I rented a small, unheated cottage for just myself and my two Springers. Life was much simpler back then. Lighting the coal fire was a priority for heat and hot water, walking the dogs was next on the list and running my small design business from home paid the bills.

At the moment, here in this household, everyone seems 'below par'; either grumpy or ill or both. The most stressful issue is the anxiety, panic attacks and vomit phobia of a certain child of mine. I've done the practical help, I've done the listening, I've done the amateur counselling, we've done the professional counselling but still we have big problems when some child at school throws up. I tell you, it's enough to test anyone's patience.

Time to myself seems like a rare thing at the moment. If I could read a book, watch a film and knit or crochet all at the same time I'd be very happy! I'm settling for a bit of woolly therapy with re-runs of The Royal. Extremely cheesy series but with great potential for spotting all kind of vintage and retro bits and bobs. Crochet blankets everywhere! This one was definitely a 'left overs' arrangement!


  1. I hope you get to the bottom of your boy's distress, anything like that really affects the whole household too. I am loving all the crocheted blankets and retro bits popping up in all the tv shows too. It really shows the extent of the 'granny craze'!

  2. Oh Juanita I am feeling your 'pain'.....sometimes just for a small amount of time life seemed so simple and uncomplicated back then...then you remember you really do love and appreciate them all so much!