Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday morning...

Be careful what you wish for eh? It's a bright new Saturday morning and it looks like I'm gonna get that quiet time I've been craving. Only thing is, it doesn't feel right to have it on a weekend day! M is working on a job too good to turn down. E is deciding what to wear and 'fixing' hair and make up in order to go shopping with friends. I'm still getting used to having a nearly sixteen year old. J will be in the horizontal position for most of the day until I bully him into something else, eg. a lovely walk with Mummy (might have to work harder on the ideas for the 'something else'.)

So I find myself up at seven in the morning, showered, dressed and feeling partly lonely and partly pleased about having a quiet day. I've got my new boyfriend...crops on. Honestly! I wish Marks and Sparks would come up with more grown up names for their cropped jeans, I'm forty something for heavens sake! My iPod is in one back pocket and my new phone is in the other. I have yet to pass my driving test with the latter. My previous phone was over ten years old and the children advised I shouldn't get it out in public! I would have been happy with it for a while longer if it hadn't developed problems. Problems of the 'turning itself off in the middle of texts' type.

So my iPod tells me it is raining in my village right now (wrong!). My phone tells me that M has just arrived at his destination and is having a bacon roll (predictable). Who needs actual company?

I decided to do a bit of stock taking this morning. I've reviewed my current wips. Two jumpers and a blanket. Ahem, yes the second jumper was started after the frustration of doing rib stitch on 5.5mm needles and getting a bit of wrist strain. So naturally the solution was to cast on for a jumper using 10mm needles. Wrist strain problems sorted. It means the oatmeal jumper is going to take a bit longer but hey no rush.

Actually I will confess to doing a classic mistake with the first jumper. I rattled off the back section no problem at all and then cast on for the front panel forgetting to use the smaller needles for the rib section! Rather annoying because I really loathe the whole knit one, purl one routine!

The second jumper uses Rowan Big Wool Fusion that I have had lying around for quite a long time. It'll be the second jumper I've knitted using this basic pattern (the first was for E when she was about 9). This time I've given it a denim blue lower half because I am one ball short of the beige mix. This knits up very quickly so I am hoping to have a finished jumper in a few days time. It's the jumper on the left hand page below, in dark purple; I'm not intending to wear it with a belt round the middle like the model! Just another layer for cold cricket matches.

And finally, this second strip of blanket is taking so much longer than the first half! I think I am bored with the stitch now but I will keep plodding on because J will really appreciate it when it's done. Our conservatory is used all year round as a living room and it can get a bit chilly by late evening so we tend to always have a few blankets lying around. This one does look a bit more interesting in real life, the wools have a lovely texture with flecks in.

So, a lazy day, flitting from one project to another. A spot of gardening in between rain showers and electric storms. Homemade carrot soup for lunch (we have had a lot of carrots in our veg box deliveries lately.) Redbush tea, plenty of. Dog walk, maybe, I'm still not sure if I've forgiven him for 'unplanting' a plant pot I had just planted yesterday afternoon.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, wherever you are. J x

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  1. Sounds like you're going to have a lovely day to me - I still haven't decided what to do and it's nearly midday! Jane x