Thursday, 2 January 2014

New candles...

It's a funny old time of year, the New Year. For me it's often about slight changes rather than huge resolutions. On my long dog walks I get quite a bit of thinking time and I've reflected, yet again, on how difficult it is to truly live the simple life that I want to live with people who don't necessarily share the same views or values. M goes along with most things but it isn't in his heart, as it is in mine.

I've got no qualms about continuing to live without new clothing. Seeking out treasures is far more entertaining and satisfying than buying new. I'm switching to cotton hankies this year and I can't believe I haven't done so before now. The children were not supportive when I first used one in front of them and were repulsed by the idea that my hankies would be washed at the same time as their (filthy socks) washing.

I've started the New Year by having a huge clear out of the airing cupboard and managed to fill two sacks for charity. It wasn't exactly a choice to sort it out. Our boiler was steadily dripping away while we were away for Christmas.

The large bag of rags I discovered are now replacing kitchen wipes and kitchen towel. Don't tell the kids but they are in amongst their washing too!

It's not all dirty rags here though. I dug out all my candle ends and left over bits and despite having a fancy double boiler thing and various candle moulds (somewhere) I decided to jump straight in and use what was lying around ie. one empty candle tin and one empty glass candle container. I've got a whole packet of candlewick somewhere too but I used the wick from a broken dinner candle instead.

It's quite fun making candles and these are scented too. They dip in the middle when they are drying so you have to keep a little melted wax back to top up. It only takes one or two top ups. You can layer the colours too if you let them cool in between pourings. I tend to use a penny and a small piece of blu tack to keep the wick anchored to the bottom of the container.

We may not have a working oven yet but the newly knocked through kitchen is a hive of activity. Mingled with the smell of scented candles is the smell of freshly baked Ciabatta. We've decided to put our breadmaker to good use and keep a stock of bread mixes in the cupboard. They cost 80p as opposed to nearly double that for a family loaf. We just need to source a gf mix and I will be very happy.

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