Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Thrifted crochet pattern...

It's another beautiful day today. I had to pick up some art materials for E this morning and also popped into a couple of charity shops. Oxfam have only just started to throw random balls of wool into a basket in the corner for 49p each. I picked up a useful quantity of cotton mix DK yarn in a tasteful denim blue. Cotton always comes in handy and if all else fails it will make nice face cloths.

I also bought two balls of Wendy Fusion in fantastic sea blues. These might be made into another crochet stool cover for the kitchen. The existing one is proving popular.

MIND had a huge tray of knitting patterns. Lately I've found that crochet patterns are few and far between but today I got lucky, for 30p I have twenty three crochet edging patterns. Bargain! All the examples look they were made up in crochet cotton, the very fine kind. I've done a sample of no. 23 up in DK. I think I might do a sample length in all 23, just for the hell of it. It will be a nice project to do next time we go away in the caravan.

Animal photo's, just because. Harvey settling for just his nose on M's lap if not the rest of him. Mollie claiming the wool cushion as soon as it was put outside in the sun. Riley on his favourite chair.

To finish off the day we have not one but two cricket matches. A school match and a club match. The flask is ready, the tin mugs are packed. I can sit through any number of hours of cricket as long as I have a plentiful supply of tea!


  1. Nice! It is hard to find crochet patterns, isn't it? Poor orphan of the yarny world. :)

  2. That blue yarn makes me very happy, I love that color.
    In the USA, folks are a bit snooty about knitting. I am common folk and only know how to crochet!