Monday, 18 August 2014

Italy road trip #7 Rome

Gelato, gelato, always gelato. J insisted on it every day. It was good. Always home made. This one in Rome had thirty odd flavours. Pistachio, melon, Nutella, vienetta, wild cherry, limoncello, espresso, lime, after eight, coconut...

We had a wonderful apartment in Rome for a few days and nights. Air conditioning! Phew. Four floors up but with an old fashioned cage style lift and a great view. Once again I was up very early and sat by the balcony looking for signs of life. There were some beautiful window boxes. An old man came out at 6am and dead headed his red geraniums. Red geraniums seem to be very popular in Italy.

An afternoon at the Colloseum was only slightly spoiled by the weather. It was so hot! When we left the air conditioned car it hit us like a blast of heat. A short walk down a street and we were all struggling with the temperature. It was well over thirty that day. Just walking round the Colloseum we chose the route with shade. We stumbled into a nice cool cafe on the way back to the car and had two large bottles of water between us.

The children were very impressed with the number of orange trees in Rome. We picked a couple in a quiet side street, not knowing whether this was the done thing! Seemed a waste otherwise!

We weren't finished with Rome. Next stop, a tourist attraction of Jake's choice. Hydromania!

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  1. Such a great trip - I went to Italy a couple of times with Mum and Dad as a child - I completely love everything about it and would love to go back some time.
    You have so many lovely memories .
    Kate x