Friday, 22 August 2014

Italy road trip #9 Rome to Florence via Orvieto

To break up the long drive from Rome to Florence we stopped at a couple of points asking the route. The most memorable of which was Orvieto. I think this is the type of mountain top village that many British people go to Italy specifically to see. It was wonderful. Second and fourth photos are the view from the little cafe where we stopped for coffee. It was a courtyard with nuns and Italian postmen going about their business. Orvieto was a long way up, and has striking stone wall defences and quite a history that I only read about once we were home.

Had we known what an interesting and pretty place it was we might have spent a night here instead of pushing on to Florence. There were quite a few pottery shops but the prices were a but high. It's also a wine region so we did manage to choose a couple of bottles to bring home.

If you take a wrong turn in Orvieto and find yourself in a street that is just one car width you get shouted at big time, with fists waving! Bloody satnav is all I can say!

We loved Orvieto but were excited to get to Florence...

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