Saturday, 23 August 2014

Yarn bombing in Italy...

Just a brief holiday post. I took these in Turino on our way back to France. It was the only place we did twice and the second time I wanted to look up a certain palazzo to see if the yarn bombing mentioned on the Internet was still there. It wasn't but this bicycle with bronze cats and crochet mud guard was. I've no idea whether the bike and cats were there and the crochet was yarn bombed on to it or whether it started off like that. The nearby sign was all in Italian and the translation just said something about recycled materials.

I didn't find a proper yarn shop during our two weeks in Italy, or France for that matter, but I didn't really look very hard. I have enough yarn and I'm pretty sure I can lay my hands on whatever brand is  out there thanks to the internet. There was evidence though that the Italians like their crochet. I spotted a woman with a bright red crochet cover on her walking stick style umbrella. It was a mesh design with a more dense stitch for the handle and there were small pom poms hanging off the fastening. I imagined it would undo at the handle. It was fabulous! I only wish I had been brave enough to ask for a proper photograph! (Yes I know, it's only crochet, I do apologise for speaking very loudly in the car about the umbrella cosy, yep, sorry.)

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