Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Italy road trip #8 Rome - Hydromania!

You can call me many things but chicken is not one of them. You see that orange topped slide in the top and last photo? Yep, that's the one to avoid if you're over forty and with a delicate derrière. Ouch. You hit the water at goodness knows what speed with the full force on your bottom. It hurts. I did it twice thinking that I'd be able to cross my legs for the second landing, nope. E didn't like the look of it and M wouldn't have survived it. So Jake and I climbed the many stairs to get to the top not once but twice, in fact Jake went a few more times after I stopped.

We were lucky to catch foam time. A klaxon sounds and everyone starts running to a certain spot and foam is sprayed onto everyone below. It was quite good fun. That's Jake on the right, not wanting to open his eyes in case it stung. It did. There was an annoying little rule that you couldn't go back in the pools without rinsing it off, and the only showers were icy cold. We learnt that the hard way!

We also went on the wiggly blue one and the wavy yellow one; quite tame compared to a green and yellow one that started off quite nicely being able to see where you are going but totally encased in a tunnel, the latter half is completed completely blind while you are being thrown around in the tunnel at high speed not knowing when you're going to hit the water. Yuk. We sat and watched people's faces coming out of that slide for a while!

After all that excitement J and E were happy to go and join the wave pool sessions (second photo, E and J centre). I was happy to snooze under one of the red parasols on the extremely comfortable sun beds.

If you are ever in Rome, it's a lovely water park. Lifeguards everywhere and quite strict. Clean and tidy except for the toilets which I'm afraid seems usual for Italy. In particular, the toilets nearest to all the slides and pools was just a ceramic hole in the ground. Yup. Bring your own toilet roll.

Tips we picked up from the Internet before going (toilet roll wasn't one of them but should have been), take your own picnic and go after 3pm when it gets a but cheaper. We made a day of it because it was on Jake's wish list but we did take our own picnic. Fresh plums, nectarines, huge apples, water melon, grapes and a few other bits and bobs!

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  1. We love waterparks, not sure I'm still brave enough to go on the high slides, hubby and I did once do one called the kamikaze run - the only slide in the park with no queue - we soon found out why!