Thursday, 11 June 2015

Catching dreams...

I treated myself to the latest Mollie Makes issue recently. We had a little trip West to stay overnight in a hotel the night before a county cricket match. I knew I wouldn't be able to get much proper reading done (when I spotted Jake pack his foam cricket bat and ball!) and besides, the dream catcher free gift had Ella's name written all over it.

Sure enough, as soon as she spotted the half finished project she said to make sure I finished it because she reeeeealllly liked it! Had she seen me start it she might have suggested adding beads she said. Not a bad idea!

The colours aren't my taste but I'm tempted to try and make a rustic one using hemp yarn or something; just need to locate a 10cm hoop! Not holding my breath.

I've had some very strange dreams lately. One involved a glass walk way situated slightly below a tropical bright blue ocean. A kind of vicar walked along this 'jetty' and fully expected people to believe that he was actually walking on water. I told the person I was sitting next to, or at least thought to myself, I can't quite remember, that it was an illusion and if you looked carefully you could see the glass jetty. At the end of the walk way he reached down into the water and pulled up a vase, placed it on the jetty and placed the bunch of flowers he'd been carrying into the vase.

I have absolutely NO idea what the heck that was all about. No idea at all. It's true I used to think like this when I was as young as five. We would be told religious stories at school and I'd be left thinking that they just didn't add up, maybe it was just an extension of that? Quite the strangest dream I've had for a while.


  1. perhaps the catcher will sort them out for you x

  2. Oh I've started that! I crocheted the circle, but haven't gotten around to adding the tassels :-)