Sunday, 21 June 2015

Taking it easy...

I'm very glad I had my little op during cricket season. It has meant that my first weekend of recovery has been spent alone, with peace and quiet in abundance. My routine is read (a few pages), crochet (a few rows), sleep (for an indefinite period) and start routine all over again. OK, I confess to watching a few overs of cricket on TV too.

I'm doing my level best to ignore the prairie dust balls blowing across the floors. The mountain of washing that is 'under control' in the bath (don't ask). The dogs look pitiful making do with walkies in the back fields instead of their usual two hour trek with lake swimming sessions with me. They remain loyal though, sleeping as close as they can get away with. Riley has bought me a collection of offerings; a yellow sock, a rawhide bone, half a tennis ball. Harvey just licks my hand occasionally.

If you had to rest up for a while what would you have nearby?

Flowers from Mum and Dad, roasted almonds from Marks & Spencer's, wool from Save the Children charity shop, books from Oxfam. Tea by the Redbush Tea Company. Apart from the flowers which are a lovely treat, the rest are staple things in my life; for illness, weekends away, rainy afternoons, sunny afternoons for that matter!

The yarn was £1.50 for four balls. I can't remember how many grammes. There are no ball bands but it feels like it has a part cotton content at least, it's quite soft and even softer worked up in this loose guage. I'd say the weight was something like a thick DK or light aran, I'm using a 10mm hook for an intentionally 'netty' look. I'm hoping it will make a good length of scarf, if not I could join the ends for a cowl or start a new colour. So this project has three possible outcomes! A plain scarf, a plain cowl or a duo tone scarf.

Update: it's making a long enough plain scarf! One more ball to go. Sometimes a little enforced 'taking it easy' is useful! It's really pleasing to see this thrifted yarn turn into something I know I will use.


  1. taking it easy is looking good. mmm those almonds look nice. I'm rather partial to cashews as well, so I think those could be added to a list of essentials.

  2. That looks good! Love lacy projects!