Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Off the hook...light and airy scarf

The scarf turned out just how I wanted it to. It's what I've had in mind for a while but hadn't made the connection between yarn and gauge and time. I'd love a willing model for blog pics but that isn't happening at the moment.

So, onto the next monotonous crochet project! I'm turning this little basket of organic cotton odds and ends into random face cloths. I use my one and only cotton crochet face cloth all the time so I could do with spares for when it's in the wash. We have a basket of towelling flannels for family use and I generally only let people use them once before throwing them in the latest wash load. I've got a fear of stale and whiffy face cloths! Ugh. When the flannels get tatty I chuck them in the rag basket and then use them for household cleaning jobs. So, nice, smart cotton crochet face cloths will be a good job done.

Oh and that dark chocolate there... it just fell in my little pot. I don't know how. Really.


  1. Crochet washcloths are my favourite! So quick and simple to knit, and they work really well!

  2. I love your scarf! How did you do it?
    How do you crochet your washcloths? I bought cotton for this, but haven´t started yet as I did not know whether to make round or square cloths. :D

  3. scarf looks lovely. that looks like a very restrained amount of chocolate to me! and the fear of stinky flannels. I get that too.