Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Off the hook...cotton face cloths

Oo these face cloths are so quick and satisfying! I fully intended to work up squares of htr's and not bother with borders but that's really tedious right? So for the pink one (for Ella 'cause I'm allergic to all things pink!) out came a variation on v stitch (the triples on the usual method were just too lacy for this use) and an htr border.

This organic cotton is soft to start with and stays soft after many washes. I loved the range of muted shades it came in. It's the sort of stuff you find in expensive yarn stores but I came across it for a bargain price on Amazon. It must have been pretty popular because it's now doubled in price and for half as much!

I've just finished reading The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver. I've come to realise that there's a bit of a recurring theme amongst my random charity shop book purchases; plucky lone female travels across America meeting colourful characters and having adventures along the way, with or without a small child in tow. This one wasn't dissimilar to 'Entering Normal' which I purchased this year for the second time without realising that I'd read it years ago! There are others I recall. Is this my subconscious regretting not travelling more when I was younger? Or over exposure to all things USA on TV when I was a child? Or can I identify with the way these women find an amazing inner strength when it comes to travelling with small children? Or is just escapism like any other novel depicting a journey? A mixture of all I suspect.

I've ordered the sequel to The Bean Trees which I didn't know existed until I googled the author to see what else she'd written. It's called Pigs In Heaven and has mixed reviews but I can't resist finding out what happens to the two main characters; Taylor and Turtle!

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  1. The Poisonwood Bible is Barbara Kingsolver's most famous book. You would like it I think.
    Pretty crochet towels, I like them.
    I like to make kitchen towels and give them as gifts with a gift of food, a plate of brownies is a always a hit!