Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Finishing wips...

I shouldn't really post this stuff just yet. It will spoil the surprise, but nevermind. I'm feeling pleased with myself for sorting out a pile of wips and placing them all in a large basket. The plan is to keep them close by and work my way through them without getting sidetracked with other projects!

With all the heavy rain we've had lately my plan is working nicely. The little 'rice pudding' waistcoat in the first picture originally had buttons. I didn't like them and they made the item look too boyish. So off came the buttons and little ties were made and attached. Much better.

The soft grey blanket got shoved to one side when I became unsure about my original decision to add in a deep gold band in the border. It's a gorgeous shade but maybe not babyish enough. Once I'd decided to leave that out it was just a question of doing several rounds of border. It's probably only a pushchair or pram size blanket but one my niece could use later for dolls, or teddies.

Then we have a wee rabbit who needs eyes! I decided against safety eyes even though I'm sure they are perfectly safe. She just needs a stitch or two once I've found my wool needle.

Finally a teeny tiny little short sleeved cardigan which I'm hoping, if I get a move on, will be a good fit for now. If not, it can be another doll item for later on! Just the borders and sleeves to do.

Just to let you know...I reply to all comments privately. I find it's nice to have a chat that way. I've been asked about Mollie, and no, sadly she still hasn't turned up. It's not a nice feeling not knowing where she is but we are sure that she's gone to cat heaven. She's left a big hole and the family doesn't seem quite right without her presence. I keep having bizarre dreams about her, and what may have happened; most are unrealistic, in some she speaks and is cartoon like, they aren't unpleasant dreams. I'm pretty sure that this is as a result of not having 'closure'.

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  1. You've made some lovely things Juanita. I especially like the little rabbit and I'm sure it will be a well loved friend for many years.