Monday, 20 July 2015


Mollie hasn't been well for the last few months. The first signs of illness were a strangely wild appetite for food. She'd charge, like a bullet out of a gun, whenever anyone was in the region of her food bowl, then stand there meowing loudly until she was fed. Coupled with a drastic loss of weight, I googled the symptoms (I'm not at all knowledgeable about cats!) and worked out that she had a thyroid problem. The vet confirmed this and she started a course of tablets. Initially she put a few pounds on and we were relieved that's all it was and kind of expected her to live a bit longer.

Although she had a whole lot of other tests at the time of checking out her thyroid function it's possible there was something else making her poorly. In the last month she refused to sleep indoors, preferring to make a cosy nest in a large patch of bamboo to the front of our house.

She's been missing for five days now (she's never gone missing before). We've searched high and low. She was drastically underweight and very weak. We are pretty sure she's taken herself off someone cool, dark and hidden and fallen asleep for the last time.

Goodnight Mollie x