Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Chuck it together day...

It's a mini heat wave here in the uk. I say mini because it's really not that much of a heat wave and probably won't last all that long either, but we like to be dramatic and call it a heat wave nonetheless. It's 97 degrees apparently. Woohoo!

The dogs are lying under the apple tree in the long grass. I have water bowls everywhere.

It's slightly cooler indoors so I'm doing the sensible thing and staying out of the midday sun.

I'm still a bit uncomfortable with post op wounds so I decided to whip up a couple of skirts on the sewing machine, elasticated waists that I can sit just where I want them to. The first one won't be worn outside these four walls for the simple reason that I wouldn't be seen dead in florals! I just happened to have a large piece of cotton perfect for a skirt. I used it as my practice piece...

I cut a long rectangle which was the length of the skirt plus a bit for hemming and waist and then cut it double the length of the waist measurement so that I'd have a bit of gather. A bit like the curtain rule which is one and a half times isn't it? I didn't iron it or pin it, shock horror! but it turned out just fine. It taught me that the measurements were just about right and to make the tube for the elastic a bit more snug.

Skirt number two was made using the fabric in the photo above. I don't really do bold patterns either but this one is more my taste colour wise, there's dark indigo and grey in those circles and the fabric has a linen feel though I've no idea what it's actually made of. I bought it years ago and I've forgotten what the original intended use was. I did all the ironing and pinning and proper hemming on this one and it has turned out ok. It would be nice to know how to do fancier waistbands but I think that's one hobby I can resist.

So, two chuck it together skirts, which is a bit like my philosophy with lunches lately. No thought as to whether anything goes together, just chuck it all on a plate and go!

Tomorrow I'll be chucking it all in a cool bag to go. Another county cricket match. Local for a change. Sun hat at the ready! Watching cricket in the sun is a rare thing!


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon, Juanita. It's hard to believe that it's as hot there right now as it is here in New Mexico!

  2. sounds like you'll be a very stylish cricket watcher xxx

  3. I've been living in the UK for 14 years, and still not figured out cricket, much to the disappointment of my boyfriend!!