Monday, 6 July 2015

Off the hook...summer pouches

I keep meaning to put together a notebook of 'go to' crochet patterns. I've got a few reliable ones jotted down but a few more bookmarked electronically that need adding. I don't quite trust technology to keep these patterns safe!

This clutch pattern is what I'd call a 'go to' pattern purely because it's easy, reliable and has many uses and ways to adapt. I made the grey one first, whilst watching 90 overs of cricket. I paid more attention to the eight overs that J bowled of course and a nail biting few overs when he went in to bat late and needed to get vital runs to win the game. It eventually came down to five runs needed off two balls and my boy hit a crafty four and single to much applause from the men's team he was playing for. Inside I was doing star jumps, on the outside I clapped in a very restrained British way! I always remind J that although he could have lost the match by being out or not getting the runs, it is in fact a team game.

The crochet clutch was intended to be a quick, simple, small project that would fit into my small cricket match watching basket. Something inconspicuous! J once blushed fifty shades of red when I got some crochet out on a train journey but I think he might be slightly over that now because he did come and sit with me when his team were batting despite the fact it was on my lap at the time.

The cotton is aran weight eco recycled something or other and the hook was 6mm. The first pouch was slightly tricky and I did have to rip a few rows back when my shell rows turned and I was leaving something of a gap. I seem to have remedied that in the second one by paying slightly more attention. The jade green pouch came out slightly smaller because I may have inadvertently added rows to the grey one or left some out on the green one. Either way, a happy accident. It looks intentional to have a pair like this! Another accident was the fact that the first one is a perfect fit for my Kindle. Although I have Kindle on my iPad now I find it a bit cumbersome and the matt screen is easier to read in sunshine on the Kindle. Not that I really like my Kindle much. I prefer good old fashioned paperbacks.

I could add buttons or ties at this point but I doubt either would be necessary. They will just keep a few loose bits and bobs together for my cricket match survival kit basket! I think they'd also make nice gifts with something already inside... note cards, soap and face cloth, a sewing kit, chocolate...

The pattern is listed on Tangled Happy under 'purses'.


  1. They look good, Juanita, and would be an ideal gift. The colours go well together.