Thursday, 28 April 2016

Golden wheat and brown velvet bulrushes...

This is the so called stash busting tv blanket that I started way back in 2014. I'm not great with blankets, I get distracted far too easily in favour of smaller items with a quicker outcome. This is, however, my fifth blanket. The ends are a pain but sewing them in every time I feel in the mood will save having to do them all in one go at the end. I'm not particularly looking forward to creating a border but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I've got fifteen random balls of yarn in my basket. Not all of them started out as a full 100g but I'm guessing it will be enough. It's certainly growing, albeit steadily rather than quickly.

Funnily enough the colours in the blanket all feature in my walks to this fantastic nature reserve. All the blues and greys are in the sky and lake. The deep golden yellow will be in the wheat, come summer. The brown will be close to that of the bulrushes and the various flecked off whites in the grass heads by the river banks. Choices all completely by accident, or were they?

Had I learnt to crochet as a child/teenager I'm pretty sure I would have crocheted in the middle of wheat fields or up a tree. I did seem to spend some considerable time in both. I used to read books in corn fields until one day it suddenly occurred to me that I wouldn't hear a combine harvester approaching. I stuck to trees after that.

As it happens, the blanket, along with a few smaller projects will be making good progress over the next five or six weeks since I've well and truly b******d up my knee. Turns out I should have been a lot more careful after my initial injury and certainly not walking miles or doing further damage by trying to climb on top of tall stools. Torn ligaments they reckon but I'll know more after an MRI scan at the weekend. All I know now is that dog walking is definitely out of the question for a while. You can see what a great time they had on our last walk, it was one of those rare sunny days. When they both take a run and jump and race each other to the island I'm very glad they have each other. Riley will often get in the way of Harvey's serious work which is flushing out game (in an unofficial capacity) and fetching but I think they both like each other's company.


  1. gorgeous colours! fingers crossed the MRI doesn't show too much damage x

  2. Hope all goes well with your MRI scan and there is not too much damage. Beautiful colour combination for your blanket.

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