Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I have to be honest and admit that E faces nerve wracking situations with slightly less fuss than I ever did. Let's just say that work experience and dentist appointments were out of my comfort zone.

She has been the independent type from the word go. She took her first steps at ten months old which seems as if it were yesterday. She always refused the offer of a hand when climbing stairs. E would breeze into a new toddler group or social situation with buckets of confidence (while I'd be wanting the ground to open up and swallow me). She'd walk up to someone she vaguely liked the look of and introduce herself, ask for their name if it wasn't forthcoming and chat about the place, the toys, the weather even! She was flipping amazing. I was in awe.

Whilst she didn't exactly breeze into the DSA building with a cheery hello for everyone yesterday, she did handle the nerves well, got on with the task and passed her driving theory exam first time. Woohoo! She says it feels like a bit of an anti climax knowing that she still can't get in a car and drive away unsupervised, but we're working on that. We just have to find a family member with both time and nerves of steel to supplement the lessons. Not that she's a bad driver at all, it's just a lot more nerve wracking sitting beside a learner driver than I anticipated!

These snaps were taken back in February. It was the coldest, wettest, darkest day in Hastings I've encountered for a long time. We got off the train and by the time we reached the Old Town we were both extremely glad to peel off our soaking outer layers inside this wonderful coffee shop: Hanukkah Coffee House. Wild mushroom soup and coffee never tasted so good and with a back drop of wall to wall books! We packed lightly for this trip but hadn't banked on such foul weather so this is E sporting a bargain hand knit jumper for £2, purchased on the way to George Street. I love that she appreciates all the love and time that goes into a hand knit and feels awful that they end up in a charity shop for so little. Sure, it's a little wonky in places and the sleeves are very long but we like to think that someone somewhere would be very pleased if they knew the jumper was now being worn and appreciated.

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