Thursday, 21 April 2016

Off the hook...cedar river blanket

Boy am I glad to see the back of this one! I'm going to think long and hard before I ever do such a colourful project again. I absolutely loathed having to change colours so many times. Each square has all five colours and there were 24 squares. It wasn't so much the changing as dealing with all those ends. Boring!

Ella chose the colours and we also chose the 'large throw' size because it's about what we call 'tv blanket' size. It doesn't feel like a large throw, it feels as though it would make a good toddler blanket. At least E is pleased with it. It is surprisingly thick despite being worked up in DK weight. I added several more rounds of border to try and make it a bit bigger. There was enough grey yarn for an extra round of trebles and a dc round and there was plenty of green left.

I've yet to press it but in the meantime I've dug out a blanket that I started in 2014 (thanks blog for reminding me how old that wip was). Yes it is a multi coloured affair but the two row repeat is fairly long and I'm weaving ends in every now and then. It's a lot wider than the cedar river blanket so it'll be a good tv blanket when it's done. I think I started it with cricket matches in mind. A simple pattern that doesn't need too much concentration and fits entirely into one basket. Not to mention the bonus of keeping warm as it grows. I've already attended one cricket match this year but thankfully watched the whole thing from the warmth and comfort of the car.


  1. it's a good colour for a cricket blanket x

  2. It is the one thing that I detest about crochet work and that is sewing in the ends. I feel your pain with it but well worth it when you see the finished result, a beautiful blanket.

  3. Hi Juanita! I really love that blanket, such cheerful colours! I appreciate the effort you took, because as a fellow crocheter I know what it is like!

    Having said that, I never got put off by that fact and just blindly forge ahead with whatever project and face the ends usually later! ^^

    Enjoy working on your other blanket! :)

    Ingrid xx

  4. This is a lovely blanket, I love your colour choices, they work so well together. I hope you enjoy many more movie nights and cricket matches with this one ;)