Saturday, 28 May 2016

It's a crochet life...

Are you fed up with Springer Spaniel photo's? Riley is such a good subject. Always happy to pose. When we first took him home he bounded into our living room, knocked all the cushions into a mound, climbed up on top of them and let out a deep sigh. Cushions are his thing. He still does this. Though lately I've assigned him just the one place he's allowed to trash my cushions and I've donated an old bed spread of Ella's to add to his comfort. He seems happy.

There are always fewer photo's of Harvey because he likes to be on a high state of alert with anything that might be thrown for him to retrieve. You have only to walk past a stick or ball and he's up and ready just in case. If you approach him with a camera he darts off to find something you might like to throw. Quite possibly the best time to get a photo of him is when he's been for a six mile hike, swum twenty lengths of the lake and fetched a hundred sticks. He might sit still for a while then. Maybe.

I'm on my fourth square for week six of the Last Dance CAL. It's the same technique used in Ella's Cedar River Blanket, corner to corner, so it's fairly straight forward. Twenty three squares are now blocked and beginning to look like the makings of a blanket.

I've wound my bargain recycled cotton skeins into balls using my wool winder and I'm keeping them in a bowl nearby until inspiration strikes. I'm already thinking that it would be handy to have some simple camping/picnic accessories like a pot holder for our Kelly Kettle. It has a wooden handle but the metal either side gets extremely hot. Cutlery rolls would be handy to throw into the crate with the kettle and plates, and maybe a sizeable napkin each to use as a lap cloth.

I can see Jake getting slightly concerned about all this crochet. He eyed my baggy crochet jumper with suspicion the other day and said, 'making your own clothes now are we?' (Typical male lack of observation, I've been wearing that charcoal grey creation for months!). A vision of me watching his cricket matches wearing that jumper, keeping warm under one of my crochet blankets whilst eating a picnic from a crochet lap cloth and pouring the Kelly Kettle with a crochet pot holder, heck, he has no idea how far I can go with this!

P.S. I behaved myself at his cricket match today, just the one crochet blanket. Nothing more.


  1. wasn't it cold enough for a crochet hat? it was here.........

  2. You must be hardy it is like a winters days here... Love the squares, such a wonderful colour combination too.