Sunday, 9 September 2012

family day out...

We decided to make the most of the fabulous weather while it lasts and visit somewhere we've never been to before. Just under 50 miles away is Wollaton Hall near Nottingham,set in 500 acres of grounds including a beautiful lake.

After a few grumpy teenage goings on (they weren't human until we had fed them Mc Donalds breakfasts) they gradually forgot to moan and started to enjoy the day.

The house was mainly stuffed animals and birds. A bit gruesome! Something you have to be in the mood for I think, and we were all much more inclined to be out in the open air! Though we all found the 'minerals' room fascinating.

We walked through the part we'd been told was where the deer could usually be spotted but I didn't hold much hope because they are such skittish animals.
I spotted two sets of antlers beneath some trees and we were able to get incredibly close without worrying them.

We walked round the lake with me avoiding the flocks of Canada geese (I really don't like ducks, birds, swans... Anything with a beak really. It was absolute bliss. The children, now almost the same height walked arm in arm at times which always makes me feel like something has gone right at least.

We had ice creams and drinks in the cafe courtyard but it didn't look too promising for lunch (we had that much later in Nottingham).

They filmed Batman here last year so we were expecting there to be an exhibition of photographs of the filming but alas no.

I hope we'll visit again, next time with a picnic.


  1. looks like a lovely day out. we always take a picnic, unless it's a national trust house, where you can usually get something gluten free. x

  2. Thanks for that tip T, I cart around my gluten free flapjacks, nuts and seed bars wherever I go, just in case the others stop for cake or ice cream! I think we'll aim to visit more NT places in future. The kids really came round to the stately home idea by the end of the day. Woohoo!