Monday, 3 September 2012

simple living...

I'm having a well earned break after an active weekend. We felled a half rotten tree and took our side hedge down by 4 feet (it had been neglected for at least 5 years).

I can now sit on our deck looking out over fields of wheat and the sun will stay on our little patch for much longer rather than sinking behind the rotten tree at 6 or 7 or so.

I've got my simple rustic blanket on the go and I'm reflecting on just how many other things have edged nearer the simple lifestyle that I crave... here's what I came up with...

making all my meals from scratch without any refined products such as white flour etc.

Buying much less wool and then only British, ethical or recycled if I can.

Hardly ever going shopping unless its for something essential.

Using an organic veg box scheme and eating only what is in season.

Replacing worn out or broken things with secondhand, vintage or antique things (I recently chucked out two broken metal and plastic clothes airers and replaced them with an old fashioned wooden one).

Cutting down my magazine subscriptions to just one that I love (and one that was a gift).

Making our own jam (very small plum crop this year that only stretched to 4 jars).

Harvesting our cooking apple tree properly and giving lots away.

Turning the misfortune of a dead tree into several winters supply of logs.

Drinking only tea and water.

Growing my own herbs.

Growing sunflowers that the birds have really enjoyed now they have turned to seed.

Very rarely watching tv.

Giving heaps of old clothes to charity.

Having more picnics and less eating out.

There are probably lots more, some are just a continuation of things we have already done for years. Some of the simple ways to live will have to wait until the children leave home but for now I'm happy with our lot.

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  1. loving the idea of you enjoying your simple pleasures and admiring your new view x just heavenly x