Tuesday, 11 September 2012

tiny homes...

This delicious book nearly didn't arrive this morning thanks to Harvey who barked ferociously with his head through the cat flap and sent the delivery man running down the driveway!

Oops! I resisted the urge to laugh but instead ran down the driveway yelling 'he's not dangerous, don't worry!' Harvey doesn't usually get the chance to bark through the cat flap as he is usually out exploring streams and fields most mornings.

The poor chap was not happy but eventually came out from behind my car and let me sign for the package.

Books like this are equivalent to the most expensive luxurious box of chocolates you could dream up (especially so since I haven't had chocolate since April). This one taps into all my childhood and adult fantasies about 'dwellings'. At the risk of repeating myself here, I think some of the fascination stems from wanting a shed when I was a kid so I wouldn't have to keep trying to build dens out of scrap wood in the garden. The desire for a shed I think must have had something to do with watching too much American tv, in the days when we had three channels, when all the best films featured a log cabin in the forest.

Anyway, I love having a workshop shed now that I am an adult, I love the caravan and put the attraction down to 'living with the basics'. Being able to live, for a short while anyway, without the clutter that is normal home life.

There are 1300 photos in this A4 book so it is an absolute visual feast. This is going to be one well thumbed book!

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter by Lloyd Khan


  1. ooh lovely book, naughty puppy!

  2. You'll have fun with that one..I must find a copy too!

    1. I am loving this book and making note of some good ideas to apply to my little shed! J x