Saturday, 29 September 2012

simple, natural, handmade...

Nope I just can't summon up enough enthusiasm for another crochet blanket or anything requiring major commitment and concentration. Must be the weather; very changeable here, sunny one minute and torrential rain the next.

Yesterday I dug out some cotton napkins I picked up for next to nothing (£1 for four!) and started jazzing them up a bit with a simple crochet edging. I think I originally had embroidery in mind for these but the crochet is probably just as cheerful and a tad quicker. I've got eight napkins and more than eight cotton colours to choose from so I shall do them all in a different colour.

To be honest we don't always bother with napkins at home but we do often have a bit of kitchen roll handy if something is a bit messy. Once I've finished these I'm hoping they will get used.

I'm sewing blanket stitch all round the squares of fabric first, fairly close together. This is ideal for one foundation stitch for each blanket stitch (ie. 1dc in each). After the foundation row I can finally do the simple edging: three trebles, miss 2 st, 1 dc, repeat to end.

2 down, 6 to go!


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    1. Thanks Deborah, I may even get the iron out for them! Not much gets ironed round here! J x