Sunday, 30 September 2012

one for the boys...

*J* is very complimentary about my crochet blankets but I have yet to make one especially for him. In the meantime I spotted a pattern for baby play balls in an old knitting magazine and realised how utterly simple they would be to make. In fact I just had to try it out to prove to myself that a mere 12 little crocheted pentagons would really make a spherical shape. My maths 'A' level was a very long time ago!

He is well past the baby stage but when he is not playing football or cricket for real he is hitting or kicking soft balls around the house (a few vases have been written off this way!)

In Manchester United colours I rustled him up a soft ball which he is really impressed with and kicking around the house as we speak.

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  1. I like your simple maths ball! That is a good rule to remember.