Thursday, 25 April 2013

Basket case...

I am definitely a basket case when it comes to baskets! I can spot a basket a mile off. In fact I did once shout 'stop the car!' when we passed a skip with a huge old basket in it. It was in great shape but had a broken handle which I removed when we got home and have used the basket for the last five years for laundry. It fits nicely underneath the washing machine door and is a lot nicer to have lying around than the plastic type. So M is used to me making a beeline for anything that looks remotely like wicker, whether in skips or junk shops and is even quite supportive of my habit!

Free is good but £2.50 isn't bad either. This latest find reminds me very much of the 70s style we had several of when I was a child. The handles are sturdy and the bottom is actually reinforced with thin metal bars so this is a very good quality one. Having browsed the charity shops first and picked up a few groceries afterwards the bag also passed the food shopping test so I think this one will be much used. It will be holding a few snacks and a little bit of crochet later today when we go over to J's new cricket club and watch his outdoor training session.


  1. Bargain! My mum had one just like that - not sure if it had the metal bars though. Glad it passed the grocery test x Jane

  2. I can't resist a basket either and what a bargain! Yours is wonderful - such a practical size.