Sunday, 25 October 2015

All things Autumn...

Once, quite some years ago now, E told me, at the very last minute, that she would like some Harry Potter figures for Christmas. I looked everywhere for them and eventually found them online, paid for extra quick delivery but alas they did not arrive in time so I printed out a photo of them and popped them in an envelope. She was very understanding at the time. Seems grudges have been harboured...

This was how she tackled my birthday present this year! I got a lovely little card made up with a photo and silver gel pen writing and Happy Birthday. The earrings arrived two days later. When she gave me the card her simple explanation was... 'Remember the Harry Potter figures?' How could I forget?

Aren't these earrings just perfect? I only recently got talked into having my ears pierced again. I'd let them close up years ago. I'm so glad I did because I can now wear sweet little autumn leaves like these and also my own creations.

I've been going through my crochet patterns and magazines trying to find the ultimate crochet travel project. I wanted something with not too many colour changes, something fairly simple but not too boring, nothing bulky and ideally something that could be worn if I managed to finish it - shawls and scarves seem to fit the bill.

I started this shawl using a Sirdar pattern I had (7046) and some King Cole Riot which keeps it interesting colour wise. The design has a ruffled edging which I will probably change to something less fussy. This was almost the perfect travel project until I remembered how I like good lighting for darker yarns these days.

I've dug out some lighter four ply yarn and I've started a smaller, light weight version of the Sunday Shawl I made several of last year in the hope that it will make a triangular scarf rather than a large warm shawl. The border has lots of colour changes but I'm hoping that just one accent colour alternated with the main colour will look ok. I seem to be doing more adapting, winging it and experimenting these days! The little 4-ply balls will squidge nicely into the corners of my suitcase and I might just be wearing a new scarf on the way home!


  1. gorgeous colours and pretty leaves, autumn maybe isn't that bad after all.... x

  2. I love those earrings - so delicate and so pretty!

  3. Ha, ha, love the Harry Potter story, children never forget do they? Pretty yarn!
    Caz xx

  4. Ella has excellent taste. Love the colours of the yarn.