Saturday, 24 October 2015

Off the hook... Torquay Jumper

The weather is absolutely miserable here in Lincolnshire today. Even with a light coloured subject against a light coloured door there doesn't seem to be enough light for a half decent photo. I only snap away with my iPad these days. It's too much of a faff to take photos on my proper camera and download them, if I had continued to do that I probably wouldn't be blogging at all by now.

I may yet get some 'modelled' photo's when E wears her new jumper. We've had a few fitting sessions already so I know this will fit nicely. It's been made to her specifications, ie. a loose fitting short 'boxy' body and slightly long sleeves that taper to a small wrist. This is how she likes to wear jumpers.

As far as following the pattern went it was not plain sailing at all. Once I'd changed hook size to get the right guage I really only used the foundation chain numbers for the body to get started. I then used a separate tutorial for the shred stitch because the one in the magazine wasn't clear. I totally made up the pattern for the sleeves and omitted the shred stitches from them altogether. I winged it with the shred stitches on the front of the jumper. I also made the neckline less of a slash neck by adding rows of slip stitches using a smaller hook. The overall result is not much like the pattern version but it's 'cool' apparently!

The yarn is Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran which is 60% cotton. This makes it a lot lighter than 100% cotton and it's incredibly soft too.

If I start another crochet garment just leave me a comment telling me not to go there please! Although I got lucky this time and produced a wearable item it wasn't a relaxing straight forward make. I had to frog the first sleeve attempt because it was too tight at the top. I also ended up with just enough yarn despite buying the same yardage as the pattern and shortening the jumper considerably. When we tried it on before the sleeves were made it looked awful and I imagined using the front and back for two large tea towels!