Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Miss Marmalade...

I started making Brussels, who looks fairly dog like with his droopy ears, and ended up making Miss Marmalade, who is distinctly cat like. Of course, Brussels might have been a rabbit, who knows?

The gold thread doesn't seem to have photographed very well and I really wasn't sure about it as I was trying to work 4 ply cotton doubled with gold thread that 'knits as 3 ply' using a 3mm hook. It was a bit tricky. It was the only gold thread I could get hold of, and I'm glad I persevered, it lends a nice bit of glamour to the puss.

I made a few tweaks: I used 7mm chocolate brown safety eyes with a 6mm plain black safety eye for the nose. I made the cat ears by stopping after round 7 on the given ears pattern. I shortened the arms by four rows. I used black cotton for the paws and feet instead of brown.

It's the first time I've used Natura Just Cotton. M was in Canterbury on business recently and managed  to find time to pop into a yarn shop I may have casually mentioned! I can use the other colours he bought for some of the other designs in this lovely little book; Sweet Crochet by Sandrine Deveze.

Hints have been dropped about a certain Torquay Jumper so last night it was back to the dreaded shred stitch. Miss Marmalade was just a minor diversion!


  1. She's lovely! I really like her gold striped pants, she looks a little bit glitzy, like she's going out for the evening. :)

  2. I love Miss Marmalade in her gold stripey pants!