Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Macrame owl keyring...

I'm probably better off sticking to larger scale macrame, man this was fiddly! I think I might try a wall hanging size owl next, even though we are really not the macrame owl wall hanging type of family. Go with the flow I say.

The tutorial is on YouTube. I couldn't tell you whether the soundtrack is in Bulgarian or any other language for that matter. There may not even be a soundtrack. I couldn't hear one. Fear not, if I can do it without verbal instructions I'm sure you can. He/she (probably women's hands) used a much finer, more silky looking cord. Mine is rough parcel string. Even with this difference the suggested cutting length of 30cm seems way off to me. On my first attempt I cut 40cm and it came nowhere near so I started again with metre long lengths and that was just right.

You'll notice that the stage by stage photo's stop after the beak row. I got totally absorbed and forgot to take any more!

I should really have 'borrowed' one of the kids cork notice boards for this. There was a lot of pinning which I discovered was essential to stop the rest of the work moving around. I eventually forced large pins into my wooden work surface (not willing to brave torrential rain to find a few more rusty nails in the shed!). The tension made for very much easier knotting.

The tutorial has at least four or five of those downward diagonal double half hitch rows (at least I think that's what they're called) but with this bulkier parcel string I knew I should stop after two to leave room for the 'legs'. I learnt something new on the legs, oh and the feet, I think that's the bit I like best, they really look like claws.

I had planned on adding this little fella to my bunch of car keys but a certain someone has already snaffled it for her school bag. I guess I will just have to make another!