Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Alma's Cafe...

I thought I'd share the vision that is Alma's cafe with you. This is where we had a cup of tea whilst visiting Coalville. Funnily enough the chintz did more to attract M into the place than me. I felt as though I should be wearing a vintage Laura Ashley frock at the very least. I'm glad he did drag me in there because it was quite an experience. See the mini milk bottle that came with the tea? Cute eh? The little suitcase on the table held napkins, sugar, cutlery and fresh flowers.

I'm probably the least floral person you'll ever meet but I managed not to pass out with this complete overdose of floral, chintz, cath kidston, you name it, oh and pink! It didn't seem to put the local builders off though, but that was probably due to the ridiculously low takeaway prices, or perhaps the group of female staff dressed up in very bright floral ensembles. I couldn't work there, not with that uniform. Give me a rustic barn and a linen apron any day of the week!

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  1. What a pretty place! I'm the same, I don't wear floral patterns myself, but I absolutely love the look of them. I always wished I looked less silly in that kind of stuff because I'd wear it every day!