Tuesday, 17 May 2016

After the rain...

There's a pattern emerging. A day or two of sunshine and then a day or two of relentless rain. It's the latter here today. Yesterday would have been perfect cricket weather but alas J's match is scheduled for tonight and will be a complete wash out.

Riley has been testing out the warmth and comfort factor of the ripple blanket. Judging by how unwilling he was to move and let me do a few more rows I'd say it was extremely warm and comfortable. I'm making progress with this purely because it doesn't take a whole week to complete four squares for the Last Dance CAL.

Whilst the sun was out I photographed one each of the four squares to date. The colours don't look inspiring together at the moment but I think the addition of the lighter shades will help create some balance. The wavy square seems to have been the one I have most needed to concentrate on and yet it's also the one that I made once and didn't need to refer back to the pattern for.

Our garden is what we call a wild garden (only partly intentional!). We have a lot of mature trees at the end and that makes it nigh on impossible to grow a satisfactory lawn. Cow parsley moved in one year and now it's almost taken over. I was happy to see new additions this year though, we have bluebells that most definitely were not there before. Not a carpet of them yet but lots of little clusters here and there.

M has at last done the first proper mow of the year. From here on the responsibility is J's. He's been paid in advance in the shape of footballs (gone are the days when he'd be happy with the £2.99 type!). With this constant cycle of sun and rain it looks as though he will be quite busy!

My scans confirmed a torn ligament. Apparently it should be a lot less painful by now so I may have damaged the joint as well. I'm pinning all my hopes on a four week course of physio in order to avoid the keyhole surgery that was mentioned. The dogs seem happy with the compromise I've come up with for their daily walk, run and swim. We park close to a crossroads of footpaths and fields which also has a bridge and river. They can run off in any direction but they always come back. When they seem satisfied I throw a stick or two in the river for them to fetch which washes all the mud off and we all trot (limp) back to the car.

It's been such a busy week I almost forgot to download week five's square for the CAL. Not the most exciting design this week but that's probably just as well, the rest of the week looks set to be just as hectic. J watched me complete a few rows of the new square last night and asked, 'Doesn't it get boring doing the same thing over and over again?' I think I will answer that one when the blanket is finished!

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  1. You are so right about the weather, there is a definite pattern emerging. Hope physio helps and that you don't have to have surgery. I actually like the colours of the yarn together so far.