Saturday, 14 May 2016

Mud and limitations...

If it's not dog hair it's dog mud and if it's not dog mud it's cricket mud! Yes those are cricket whites! J played at a rather soggy pitch this week. We had a job to find a spot on the boundary that wasn't boggy. None of the boys were phased at all with the mud accumulating on their bright white kit but I bet I wasn't the only Mum wondering whether it was going to wash out. It did. Nothing short of a miracle!

Week four of the CAL 'Last Dance in the Rain' is a lovely wavy design which uses triple trebles amongst other stitches. It's been a while since I needed a triple treble. This was the first square that didn't quite come out perfectly square but that was easily put right with an extra row of htr's at the end. In fact I prefer this because it makes the dimension above and below the 'waves' roughly the same. I've substituted the colour because I didn't have the charcoal grey shade in DK.

This picture of Tilly was take a just a few days before she went missing. She's been gone three nights. Harvey keeps poking his head through the cat flap and wandering round sniffing her favourite sleeping places. I know he's wondering where she's got to.

I've been impatient today and attempted to walk the dogs. I can manage a small amount of driving, in fact driving is a lot easier on my knee than walking. I parked up at my favourite dog walking spot, struggled the very short distance down to the bridge and let the dogs have a good run about and a swim. I would have liked to dangle my legs over the river but the chances of getting back up were slim and it's a very remote spot so I didn't chance it. It must have been all of thirty metres walking without crutches and it's thirty metres I've been regretting ever since. M rolls his eyeballs skyward and calls me stupid but in my logic you can't possibly know your limitations until you test them!

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  1. If I had to put money on it, I would have said the whites were not going to come clean. Hope Tilly is found soon. Take care.