Saturday, 21 May 2016


I've had to paint my rustic coffee table top after it was nearly claimed for an art project. It almost became a photographic collage but thankfully E turned her attentions to a more 3D solution (in the shape of one of my vintage suitcases) and my coffee table top was returned. It was never going to go back to wood no matter how much I sanded it so when in doubt, apply white paint. Sshh, don't tell E but I think I like it better now.

It's all gone a bit Schjeepes round here since I started the CAL. The theme of their bi-annual magazine looked right up my street so I treated myself. All I have to do now is wait a few days longer to save it for a short, no kids, no dogs, weekend break. M has taken some convincing about these short breaks. He gets the whole trust thing but actually doesn't trust them to feed the dogs, eat properly, sort the dishes out etc. My approach is to simply say that they will never learn unless they are entrusted with these responsibilities. He's also a little hypersensitive when we return if everything isn't 'just so' whereas I tend to just put it right and express a little disappointment. They are teenagers and it definitely pays to try and remember when we were last that age. (Just don't mention sixteen, ugh that was a horrible age!).

I'm up to date with the CAL so I'm packing my ripple blanket for our short getaway. Books have been shoved down the side of my suitcase in place of walking boots. (It's walking country, if I swapped my crutches for walking poles do you think I'd blend in better?) Reading may present a challenge after dark since this latest hut we've found is completely off grid. It was my good luck that M didn't notice that in the small print until after we had booked it. Candles are provided, and of course we'd never stay in one without a wood burner.

A few nights away hardly ever seems worth the bother when you're faced with the preparations. In our case we overdo the food shopping lest the children or animals should starve. I make sure the laundry basket is empty and the house is as clean and tidy as possible. Inevitably three days away from all these responsibilities and chores seem like very long leisurely days, something I've come to understand is absolutely vital once in a while to avoid resentment of the monotony of daily life. In the past I've always thought it was preferable to spend any spare pennies on improving the house but these days I throw caution to the wind and try and live for the moment.


  1. ooh enjoy. have a truly lovely lovely time x

  2. Have a wonderful break away, its amazing what a break does for your soul.

  3. Have a wonderful break away. I do know what you mean regarding the mammoth preparations beforehand, but it will be worth it.