Friday, 20 May 2016

Footprints in the sand...

Another random, slightly disjointed and rambling post. It's how things are at the moment. There's no sign of the cat and everything feels kind of 'in limbo'. Someone shared their own cat story with us today, a wanderer who returned after four months. Tilly hadn't shown any signs of being a wanderer.

I did not stage the photo of Riley at all, rather just snapped him quickly after he'd gathered as many toys as he could carry and took them away from Harvey. He was a hoarder when we acquired him. The first time we left him alone in the kitchen with Harvey for company it wasn't hard to work out who had stolen a whole pack of oats, a half pack of sugar and a squeezy bottle of chocolate sauce and stashed them in his basket. All of these were intact by the way, it was clear he just hadn't actually got round to making up the chocolate oat cookies before we got home.

It's a good job Harvey is the passive sort because there's nothing he likes more than a good old fashioned tennis ball. Rope toys he can take or leave but tennis balls are like all his Birthdays at once. I swear he squirrels them away somewhere in the fields because they really don't hang around the house for very long.

It was lovely and warm and sunny today while we did boring tasks like buy two new tyres and wait for them to be fitted. Made only lightly less dull by the entertaining husband and wife team who were like a comedy double act. The wife wouldn't stop going on about how long their MOT was taking and the husband sadly agreed with everything she said. After retirement age you have to wonder what their big hurry was. Our parting words to the chap who did our tyres were, 'gosh that was quick, I guess that's why you're called KwikFit'. She didn't see the funny side.

We really could have done with some of today's sunshine last night when Ella had a cricket match. They managed to play a soggy 18 overs of the first half but rain finally stopped play half way through the second. E couldn't feel her hands so it was just as well she hadn't got round to bowling.

I managed to do a spot of crochet whilst watching the first half in the car. The details of this fifth week square are a bit inconsistent if you read several blogs but from what I can gather it is supposed to be seagulls one way up or seagull footprints in the sand the other way up. I'm choosing the latter on account of them looking more like webbed footprints than flying gulls, especially on this sandy beige colour.

The squares are stacking up nicely, nearly twenty squares. It's been barely any effort at all keeping up with four squares per week. Call me lazy but the fact that these are one colour squares with no colour changes is a huge bonus. I'm not a fan of overly complicated colour patterns in textiles anyway so I don't feel the need to produce that in crochet. I've noticed that one blogger is making the entire CAL in one colour only so that the emphasis is on texture. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.


  1. I would certainly be interested to see how the CAL in one colour turns out too.

  2. Your crochet project sounds interesting with the nice textured pattern. Love the dog hoarding story, they are funny arn't they. Hope the rain stays away for the next match and your cat returns home soon.

  3. sorry there still no sign of Tilly xxx