Wednesday, 25 April 2012

a daily ritual...

I love strawberries, I love cantaloupe melon, I can eat kiwi scooped out of the skin with a teaspoon, I quite like pears, apples are ok... but put them all chopped in a bowl with a dollop of natural yoghurt and it becomes a gourmet dessert. It's also become a daily ritual; one the kids aren't complaining about at all, in fact they've not even noticed that sweets are off the menu.

I've also had a request to PYO this summer. It wasn't so long ago that we were driving along through the Sussex countryside with the children in the back of the car, when one of them piped up, 'what is pie-o?' It took a moment for us to realise she meant PYO, or pick your own if you're reading from overseas and you call it something else. A certain someone thought it was a special type of strawberry, a 'pie-o strawberry'!

As much as timber clad cottages and rolling hills were part of my childhood scenery, so too were PYO signs everywhere each summer. I could really visualise the scene set in Marina Lewycka's novel 'Two Caravans'. We did a lot of PYO as kids; learning not to speak or smile at the weigh in for fear of revealing a strawberry stained tongue!

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