Tuesday, 24 April 2012

a little crochet diversion...

I'm definitely not great at repetition. With crochet blankets I seem to need a 'contrast' project on the go; something quick or something small.

I caught sight of my 'cottons basket' yesterday and found myself crocheting another random granny triangle just to see if I could remember how. I could. It now accompanies the other two granny triangles in the basket. One day, not too soon, I'll have a string of bunting!

Digging a little deeper I unearthed an unfinished piece of crochet intended for a bag. I think I just got bored with the project and didn't have a recipient in mind. Since it was square I decided it would make a better place mat/table cover thing for our conservatory basket table.

I've added a border of half trebles so far. I'll probably just keep going round with colours and stitches and no particular plan. I may add some colours already used in the circles. I'll be glad to finish a 'WIP' and happy to see a colourful top to our little table.

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