Saturday, 21 April 2012

daisies in the rain...

This little daisy motif is what I was working on outside in the late March sun, quietly minding my own business and clearly thinking of grass and daisies and other summery thoughts (like cricket matches). So I've picked up where I left off and set it against a sky blue...

...and now I'm thinking, drat, this would be better in green, only a few weeks break and a bit of a foggy brain and I'm going to have to work it all out again. How many stitches is that in the magic ring? Is that a cluster or a puff? It's probably time I kept a notebook amongst my crochet things.

Just as well we're having hail storms, torrential rain and thunder storms (I love storms) because that'll give me time to turn these little squares into something practical. I was thinking along the lines of brightening up our outdoor table, parasol and chairs.

Harvey must have Irish Water Spaniels amongst his descendants, he's not at all deterred by torrential rain. Our big black lab however, used to refuse the comfort of his bed if it was raining. Neither was Harvey put off by our beck rising by at least a foot and flowing extremely fast... straight in! He has spent today alternating between drowned rat and damp dog, and I have a mound of wet dog towels. Thanks Harvey.

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