Sunday, 22 April 2012

experimental baking...

I like to think of myself as organised, so it's rather irksome to be posting last month's mosaic three weeks late! March was plodding along nicely with nature inspired projects.

OK, it's late April now and I've flitted back and forth from various crochet projects not really settling down with one or two. I think it's partly to do with being happy to be home and partly to do with being easily worn out, and probably a lot to do with spending more time in the kitchen...

Had a lovely day today when M&D popped over. With D&J settled in front of the TV, and E listening to music and doing homework, M&I had an 'experimental baking session'. The aim was for banana and carrot muffins. We threw together grated carrot, buckwheat flour, ground almond, an egg, a banana... and I forget what else... until we had a cake-like mix. Spooned the mix into muffin cases and laughed heartily at the prospect of eating the results!

Fifteen minutes later, and not waiting until they had cooled we were quite pleased with ourselves. Definitely edible. Definitely banana. Somewhere between a muffin and a bun. Definitely taste better than they look (hence no photo)! Sadly didn't pass the *J* test, but maybe we'll tweak the next batch. Watch this space.

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  1. ground almonds are the lifesaver of gluten free cooking, they improve everything!