Monday, 30 April 2012

new ripple blanket...or rug?

Starting a new crochet project is a bit like scratching an itch I've decided! I've been wanting to get rid of my cheap, acrylic yarn stash for a while now and with a little time to ponder just lately I came up with the idea of using multiple strands and a biggish hook to make some kind of rug or blanket. I haven't made a rug before so it's new territory for me. I reckoned that if this ripple design using three strands of dk came out nice and thick I would use it as a rug and if it not then it would become a nice warm blanket... trouble is it feels as though it could be either at the moment. It's certainly warm under foot and it's warm across my lap too. I'll decide when it's a bit further on!

If you are already familiar with ripples - this is a 135 chain foundation row, 7dc to the peak, 3dc in same stitch, 7dc to the valley, skip 2, and so on. On the last bit of the row, 6dc, skip1, 1dc. ch1 for turning. To change colours I just cut one colour and introduced one new colour each time. Three strands of dk seems to work comfortably on an 8mm hook... and the wool is disappearing fast!

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