Friday, 20 April 2012're safe!

My family have been patient and understanding over the years about my culinary expertise. Goodness knows how many times Mum has patiently shown me how to make cheese sauce. It's not that I can't cook or won't cook, it's just that I'd rather be up to my ears in cardboard, glue and paint, or more recently, wool.

Be careful what you wish for... these buckwheat pancakes (wheat and gluten-free) look just like fried cardboard! Fortunately they taste just like ordinary pancakes. I'm ashamed to say this was also the first pancake I've ever made in my life. Admittedly the first mix went into the bin. I followed the quantities precisely and thought it was a little suspicious that it came out more like cake dough than batter but naively thought it would spread. Nope. So I took a leaf out of Mum's book and did the next batch by eye.

The joy of producing something that was actually edible was pretty good I have to say. It only needed sliced banana as a topping. I previously baked muffins and cookies but hey, with heaps of sugar, white flour and chocolate chips, they're always going to taste good.

Rest assured this is not going to become a domestic goddess type recipe blog. My pancake is hardly photogenic is it?

100g buckwheat flour, enough water to make a pancake-like batter, pinch of salt (mix together and stand for ten minutes) olive oil to prevent sticking, makes about 3 in a small omelette pan.

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  1. mmm you could have them as savoury pancakes too, with a little salmon or some sourcream and chives.