Wednesday, 4 July 2012

no let up...

Is it me or do you find that being a creative type means you can never quite switch off?

Harvey and I are soaked to the skin after our 'lovely' walk. To be truthful he wasn't that keen on going out at all, which is quite at odds with a dog who will jump in a pond, lake, ocean, with very little encouragement.

I am freshly showered now whilst he is perched upon a warm pile of towels absolutely reeking of damp dog.

So, with a large mug of tea and the dreaded sewing up to put off, I have found a cheesy old film to keep me company while I procrastinate.

I am drawn to films that give me plenty of interesting textiles to look at, particularly if they are historical in some way. I'm not fussy though, cowboy films are just as good for this. It's a shame that the children aren't as into Westerns as my brother and I were, but as I frequently remind them, we did only have three channels (until channel four came along!).

Today's film is called Drums along the Mohawk; we've had shawls, quilts, crocheted bonnets, there's bound to be the odd rug rag too. Nevermind that I'm not switching my ears on today (I do that from time to time to give my brain a rest), it's a visual feast!

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  1. Yes Juanita I know exactly what your saying! I can watch reruns of movies and see new things in them every time. Love watching Downton Abbey and the clothes in that...such beautiful fabrics. If I am not doing something creative with my hands my brain is thinking of the next idea :)