Thursday, 5 July 2012

pass me the specs...

You know you're getting old when you need reading glasses to crochet with a 2mm hook and size 10 thread! I hadn't banked on needing them at 42 but hey ho, people keep telling me they look intelligent (what? I look stupid without them?)

So with one eye shut (one of the lenses fell out of my glasses) and hands that are far too big for this kind of thing I tackled the first three flowers for a necklace featured in Erika White's fabulous new crochet book; Crochet Workshop.

I'd resisted buying this one because I thought 'workshop' would mean just covering the basics. There is quite a bit of this at the beginning but the rest more than makes up for that and the natural tones are a breath of fresh air after all the brights!

In addition to the flowers I've also worked up a panel for a poncho using rope stitch which is used in the book for a throw. I couldn't face doing a whole blanket at the moment but still want something snuggly for those evenings watching the last 20 overs of a cricket match when it's getting cooler. I posted a while ago about a poncho I intended to knit using Superchunky but after casting on I realised that knitting is going to be too painful on my wrists. Thank goodness for crochet.

Skinny Hilda will be modelling the poncho sometime soon; it's eating 100g balls in no time at all!

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