Friday, 6 July 2012

off the hook...superchunky poncho

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Poncho's get a bad press but I reckon this one will be frequently used. I tend to feel like a twit huddled under blankets whilst watching cricket matches but believe me it can get really cool.

I made two panels each about 18"x36" and then joined them as per the many poncho diagrams that can be found on the internet. My neck opening was a bit large but it only took two rounds in dc to sort that out. On the second of those rounds I did 2 dc tog every fourth stitch just to reduce the neck hole a bit. I edged the bottom in just one row of dc to neaten it up a bit too. I didn't fancy a fringe!

It took 7 balls of Stylecraft Superchunky in charcoal grey using a 9mm hook and 'rope stitch' which was amazingly quick. Two evenings is all it took from start to finish.

Yep, very pleased with my 'wearable blanket'!

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