Monday, 1 October 2012

a quiet day...

I'm having a soundless day thanks to a nasty blister in my ear. I quite days like these if I'm honest; it gives my brain a rest from trying to decipher what a certain sound is and where it is coming from.

Technically I could hear a jumbo jet taking off if I was standing on the runway. This example on posters in ENT departments always makes me laugh, such a useful thing, look left, look right, listen for jumbo jets, yes it's ok to cross the runway. Jeez good job I can hear jumbo jets taking off. I'm safe.

I don't find it relaxing to walk the dog without sound though. Fellow dog walkers have a habit of exchanging words whilst walking on by. 'Lovely day isn't it?' for example requires a 'yes isn't it' kind of answer. Whereas 'you wouldn't think it was October would you?' requires a 'no, I agree' type answer. You can see the nature of the problem; a bit of a gamble to try and bluff with a yes or no, and quite frankly just giving a friendly chuckle probably comes over as being a bit strange!

Luckily I got away with it this morning and didn't bump into anyone. The leaves have changed colour so quickly and prompted a dig through my wool supplies...

I'm thinking cowls, mittens, wrist warmers, simple scarves, hot water bottle covers. None of these should require a pattern should they? No just make it up as you go along!

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