Tuesday, 26 March 2013


There was a bit of a commotion this morning when Ted woke up. It seemed to be coming from the tall boy's bedroom. A cheeky little character with a red and white striped jumper was swinging from the light shade in search of bananas.

As soon as he caught sight of Ted peeping round the door he swung over and landed right by his feet. This daring stunt startled Ted somewhat but not forgetting his impeccable manners introduced himself as 'Ted'.

Monkey knew he was a monkey but he didn't want a dull name like Ted so the two of them put their thinking caps on and decided Monkey should be called 'Marvin'. The two of them have been inseparable ever since. Ted has shown Marvin where the bananas are kept and Marvin has introduced Ted to the biscuit barrel. Ted had never known such pleasure as Oreo's until he met Marvin.

If you listen very carefully you can just hear the two of them chattering away on the sofa. I wonder what they are planning?

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  1. Oh dear I hope cheeky Marvin isn't going to get Ted in to any monkey business ;) Jane x