Sunday, 17 March 2013

A wet weekend...

Bit of a washout weekend here in Lincolnshire. Rain, rain and more rain; heavy rain, drizzling rain, torrential rain, cold rain, icy rain. Perfect dog walking rain. (Thank you Harvey!)

I've been patiently waiting for good light to take some snaps with my iPod but alas no joy! Hence the murky offering.

The cat with no name who turned out distinctly male now has a female companion. Same brand of wool, same weight, same hook but she has turned out a little smaller. Strange. I may replace her whiskers with white ones at some stage but for now I am all crochet kittened out!

I have in mind a few tweaks and ideas for the basic cat. I've already altered the arms by a few stitches here and there to make them hang slightly better. They were a bit chunky at the top before. Not that you can tell with the chunky sweaters on. I think the ears need some work too, they look like they've been in a cat fight or two. That's the nice thing about crochet for me; I find it much easier to alter patterns than I ever did with knitting.

Meanwhile the real cat, Mollie, is not reclining on the back of a sofa for a change. No, she prefers sunshine for that. She is warm and cosy behind a sofa, in her cardboard box.


  1. brrr it's cold and wet here too. sleet and snow and our heating/hot water is broken.... love the crochet kitties!

    1. Oh no! And the cold snap is not over yet apparently! If that happens here I think we would all move into the caravan until it was fixed! Hope it gets sorted ASAP! J x