Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day...

I'm really not comfortable receiving gifts. I much prefer small thoughtful bits and bobs than grand gestures. This year I made sure that M and the children did not fall out over gift shopping (like they did over Christmas shopping). I gave them a maximum limit and told M to leave the children entirely to their own devices. They are certainly old enough now, at twelve and fifteen. E could certainly hone her patience skills but I admit it isn't easy shopping with J.

They did well and I am chuffed to bits with my new books and gorgeous bracelet.

I'm having a restful day. The laundry is staying put in the basket. The weekly shopping has been done by M whilst I soaked in a hot bath (well you've gotta milk it once a year eh?!).

A few crochet bits and bobs are by my side. I've been doing a few rows here and there but nothing worth a photo update as yet. I've been slightly distracted from the blanket project and started a cat! Yes a cat. Very random I know. At the moment the head is peeking out of a basket of body parts, complete with proper cats eyes and he is looking extremely sinister. If he remains evil looking I will have to think again and maybe change him into a dog (not with magic but with new ears and eyes!).

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