Monday, 11 March 2013

Nurses and Nuns...

I'm a real sucker for a period drama these days. I just love seeing the costumes, the furniture, the textiles, come alive in a way a museum could never achieve.

It doesn't have to be that far back either. TV drama's set in the 60s have huge appeal because you can still pick up china and textiles from that decade.

'Call the Midwife' is a little further back and totally enchanting for its knitwear, crochet blankets, textiles and fashions.

So, while M was blubbing over the predicament of Chummy and her baby I was marvelling over the making and giving of the crochet blanket by the nurses and nuns. It may have had a liberal dose of beige and colours probably weren't so vivid in those days but it was surely a thing of beauty? Well I thought so. She was literally wrapped up in the love of those women and it worked, she survived and so did the baby. Enough to make any man cry!

(Incidentally, once upon a time M wouldn't even have watched such a programme let alone get emotionally attached to the characters. I've well and truly converted him!)

I can't find a photo of the touching a scene anywhere which is a shame. It made me want to abandon all WIPs and start a traditional granny square blanket.

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