Sunday, 24 March 2013

The cat and I...

We've had an up and down relationship, the cat and I. Never under estimate the powers of persuasion of a seven year old is the lesson I take from the whole cat story. Ella was heartbroken one day when we took in a stray for a week or so and then of course, it disappeared back home as strays are wont to do. It hadn't been too much bother and it was heartwarming to see how gentle the children had been with him (Jake would have been four at the time).

So it came to be that we 'rescued' Mollie, the left overs of a divorce. Things went downhill fast in those early days and frequent calls were made to my Dad (who lived close by at the time) to come and remove a dead bird or mouse. Thankfully, now with food she likes (boy is she fussy!) and plenty of fields to go mousing in she seems to only bring the odd mouse indoors. This morning was one of those lucky occasions.

Some spring cleaning went on yesterday, despite the absence of Spring as we know it. All pale cream cushion covers from our basket furniture were washed and dried. I usually cover these with an assortment of tartan blankets to prevent cat hairs and cat claws ruining them. This weekend I decided that they looked nice and fresh and spring like, and tidier without the blankets. The cat usually pounces on the fresh covers within minutes of them being put back on but she is otherwise sidetracked this time... by the pile of tartan blankets! Talk about princess and the pea!


  1. The cat would like being 'top o' the pile'!

    1. Lol. Must be a cat thing. I've heard that it is usual for cats to be in charge. Mollie certainly is.